Enjoying Bandrek and Bajigur when It's Cold

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Enjoying Bandrek and Bajigur when It's Cold

The temperature of Bandung is 18-28 °C now. Moreover, it’s rainy season. We need beverage that can warm the body up. You can drink hot chocolate, coffee, milk or tea. But here in West Java, we have some traditional beverages called bandrek and bajigur.


Bandrek Beverage

Bandrek is made of ginger and brown sugar. Sometimes, we add pepper or clove. This beverage also can be served with milk, creamer, or coconut.

In Bogor, there is even bansulap or bandrek-susu-kelapa (bandrek with milk and coconut).

Bandrek is not simply a Sundanese beverage. It can warm and refresh our body, prevent you from cold, and heal you from cough suffering or sore throat. And, it is not sold only in West Java in a liquid that you have to drink immediately. Bandrek is also produced in powder, packed, and sold to another region.


Bajigur Beverage

However, if you don’t like hot beverage like this, you can try bajigur. It is made of santan (coconut milk) and brown sugar.

Sometimes, you can find kolang-kaling (fruit from sugar palm) in it. So, besides drinking this beverage, you can eat something too.

Well, it’s cold now. It’s going to rain here and… wait! The bajigurman passes in front of our house. Bunda would like to buy a glass and maybe some snacks too such as boiled cassava, sweet potato or peanuts. Anyone?