When Bunda Missed Steamed Goldfish

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When Bunda Missed Steamed Goldfish

It had been two months, Bunda lived in Surabaya. As we know, Surabaya has hot temperature. She was still not accustomed to that. Sometimes, she missed Bandung chill temperature. But above all, she missed Sundanese foods, especially steamed goldfish (pepes ikan mas in local name).

Fortunately, it doesn't matter, because Bunda could just cook whatever she wanted. Not too expert, but it's enough to make Yayah satisfied.

Ingredients of Steamed Goldfish

Ingredients of Steamed Goldfish

It is pretty hard to find goldfish in Surabaya. She must order first before having it a day after. Good news is, the ingredients are easy to find:
  1. Banana leaf
  2. Ginger
  3. Citronella
  4. Laurel leaves
  5. Tomato
  6. Basil leaves
  7. Hot chili pepper or red chili (if you like)
  8. Large yellow union
  9. Garlic
  10. Union
  11. Turmeric
  12. Brown sugar
  13. Salt

Wait a minute! Maybe you ask about the recipe measurement.

Well, when it comes to cook dishes (except cookies), Bunda uses instinct. The taste depends of each other tongue or needs. For example, if you have hypertension, do not put the salt too much. Or, if you do not like the sweet taste, do not put any sugar.

How to Cook Steamed Goldfish

How to Cook Steamed Goldfish

To make delicious steamed goldfish, it's easy as other recipes of steamed fishes. Here's the steps:

  1. Remove the scales, gills, and the belly contents of the fish. Wash the fish and scatter salt on it. If you want to remove the putrid smell, squirt the lemon or lime on the fish. Leave it for about two hours.
  2. Crush the garlic, union, turmeric, brown sugar and salt until they are finely pounded. Smear it to the fish. If you like, let it soaked for about 30 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the banana leaf. Put it on fire, but you must move it around to avoid the leaf from getting burn. The procedure has purpose to make the leaf flexible and sterilized. Wipe it with a clean towel, after.
  4. Wash other ingredients. Slice the ginger, tomato, and large yellow union. Bruise and chop the citronella. Prepare the laurel and basil leaves, and hot chili pepper.
  5. Spread the processed banana leaf. Scatter a half of ginger, citronella, laurel and basil leaves, tomato, hot chili pepper, and large yellow union. Put the goldfish on it. Then scatter one more time the other ingredients.
  6. Wrap the fish. Tie it or pin it so it won’t open by itself.
  7. Steam the wrapped fish for about four hours. Or, if you have an autoclave, you just need about 20 minutes.
  8. Steamed goldfish is ready. Serve while it hot.

If you do not finish it up in once, no need to worry. Just put it in the refrigerator. And before you eat the fish again, heat it on the roasting. Or, after it is taken from the autoclave when you were cooking, roast it a while to avoid it get spoiled too soon.