Delicious Lumpia Basah

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Delicious Lumpia Basah

Semarang lumpia is a kind of snack made from carrot and bamboo sprout that are fried with few oil, and wrapped by lumpia skin. It tastes good. And now, have you known another kind of lumpia called lumpia basah (wet lumpia)? This one didn’t come from Semarang.
But let's forget the origin. Lumpia basah is as delicious as semarang lumpia. Bunda loves lumpia basah even more than semarang lumpia.

Characteristic of Lumpia Basah

Characteristic of Lumpia Basah

This kind of lumpia has different content. Lumpia basah used juicy tuber and the skin is not fried like we do in making semarang lumpia. So, after the skin is filled by juicy tuber, bean sprouts, egg and seasoning, we can eat it by using chopstick.

Don’t think it’s uncooked, because the lumpia skin should always been cooked already.

In Bandung, Bunda often bought this snack. The first time she saw her friend ate something using chopstick, she thought it was Japanese snack. But the taste made her forget about the peculiarity.

Unfortunately, Bunda cannot find lumpia basah in Surabaya. However, we can always make lumpia basah at home.

Ingredients of Lumpia Basah

Ingredients of Lumpia Basah
  • Lumpia skin (very thin crepe made of flour and egg)
  • Juicy tuber, chop it in matches form and fry it using few oil with garlic, salt and sugar
  • Bean sprouts, throw the tail and wash it
  • Eggs
  • Garlic, bruise it
  • Liquid brown sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chili sauce or slice of hot chili pepper
  • Slice of meatball, sausage, chicken, or cheese for additional content

How to Cook Lumpia Basah

How to Cook Lumpia Basah
  1. Fry garlic in a little amount of oil.
  2. Add egg, pepper and salt.
  3. Add bean sprouts, juicy tuber and chili sauce. Cook until the bean sprouts a little bit faded.
  4. Prepare lumpia skin and spread the liquid brown sugar on it.
  5. Put the bean sprout, add slice of meatball, sausage, chicken or cheese.
  6. Fold the lumpia skin.
  7. VoilĂ , lumpia basah, one of Indonesian favorite snacks, is ready to eat. Serve them with chopstick, if you like so.
Usually, each lumpia basah is sold in 3,000-5,000 IDR in the market. It depends on additional ingredients you choose: meatball, sausage, chicken, cheese, or none of them.

Anyway, because the making process is easy, we bet you can cook it yourself in your home. It can be a healthy snack for your family.