To Darajat Pass where We Can Swim on the Cloud

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To Darajat Pass where We Can Swim on the Cloud

A day before visiting Asep Stroberi, we went to another place in Garut. We went up to Darajat Pass, in Puncak Darajat. There are public swimming pools with hot water there. Another great place besides Cipanas in Garut Regency.

We hadn’t plan to plunge, though, since we didn’t bring any swimsuit. “No problem,” said Bunda’s big brother who had invited us. “The view is good too. Maybe Ara will love it. Maybe she wants to swim after Mas Sandy (his son) plunge.”

We nodded. It was a good idea, we thought. Let’s test our 10 month-old daughter, Ara, does she love (a lot of) water or not.

Darajat Pass is located in Pasirwangi District. It’s more than one hour land trip from Garut’s Square. To reach Darajat Pass, we must go up the hill. It’s a bit dangerous, especially in the rainy season. The road could be slippery. Worst yet, it could be so misty. That’s why some people who had swum in Puncak Darajat called this, “Swimming on the cloud.”

After getting through the thin mist along the winding road, we arrived at Darajat Pass, which is the highest location there.

I felt the cold air by the time we open the car’s door. Brrrr… My brother offered me his jacket because I didn’t bring mine, nor did my husband. But it weren’t ourselves who we cared. It was Ara. She never visited such freezing place like this before. We live in Surabaya, where the temperature used to be 33-37 degrees Celsius.

However, Ara looked just fine. She has pretty good endurance. Thanks God for that.

For entering Darajat Pass, we must pay IDR 23,000 per adult (that was on week-end). We got a welcoming drink for each. A sponsored tea 😛

Then, the view of typical water recreational park welcomed us. A huge bucket hanging on the tower. It was being filled by hot water for few minutes. When it’s full, it went spill out the water to the pool. Pouring on and splashing people under. Makes them scream joyfully.

There was a straight slide, about three meters high. Also a high spiral slide, about 12 meters. They all seemed fun to try. All supported by convincing steel construction, done by local steel fabrication and machining company. Too bad we didn’t come to play those water amusements.

But Ara did! It’s time to take her first swim.

Her aunt guided her to the pool.

She didn’t cry. Good! Maybe because the water was warm. Of course, although the air was chill, you will get comfortable by the time you submerge. That’s the selling concept of the pools in Darajat.

Ara’s face looked a little bit nervous, though. We laughed and ready to pull her out. However, it seemed like she adapted. Instead of whimpering, Ara started to get comfy. Look at those eyes. So calm. She was enjoying her very “spa”.

We spent about two hours in Darajat Pass. It was almost 6 p.m. This darkening air and the mist were pretty intimidating. Not to mention the winding road down there. So, we decided that’s it for the day.

Bunda showered Ara with hot (really, it’s hot), clean water. Changed her clothes. Put the wet clothes in bag we used to keep Ara’s clothes and diaper when traveling.

Done. We went home.

Actually, besides swimming pool and waterboom, in Puncak Darajat, we can have more fun with flying fox, horse riding, and the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Just don’t redo our mistake. If you want to visit Puncak Darajat, make sure you come in the morning or noon. Because in the afternoon, you might not see everything clearly due to the mist and the dawn.

  • photo by Brahmanto Anindito