Dinasty Smart Hotel, A Strategic Hotel in Surakarta

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Street view of Dinasty Smart Hotel, A Strategic Hotel in Surakarta

Few days ago, The Homeries went to Surakarta or Solo, Central Java Province, for a vacation. Although we then got a call from a new client for Banjarnegara Regency, and arranged a quick meeting in the hotel. By the way, the hotel's name is Dinasty Smart. We stayed there for three nights.

What Made Us Pleasant in Dinasty Smart Hotel

There is costless car to pick you up from train station, airport, bus station, or wherever in Surakarta, to the hotel for checking-in. You just need to make an appointment to the receptionist a day before. Then, recall them once you are ready to be picked up. They are also willing to bring you from Dinasty Smart Hotel to your next destination (inside the city) for free, after checking-out. It saved us money for taxis, indeed.

Corridor of Dinasty Smart Hotel. Chic!

Now, let's step inside the Dinasty Smart Hotel. Yayah's first impression, it's narrow! In that tiny lobby, he felt like, "Damn, it's not a starred hotel!" But, he hold his opinion and checked-in.

Over all, the hotel room was clean, comfortable, and made us having good sleeps. The air conditioner, shower in the bathroom, hot water, closet, sink, exhaust, all functioned well.

I had no complaints about the bathroom I

And what we like the most is the location. The Dinasty Smart Hotel is near everywhere. ATM, restaurants, food stalls, mosques, etc. are in walking distance. Some nearby attractions would keep you away from boredom.
  • Dinasty Smart Hotel is 0.7 kilometers from Tirtonadi Bus Station.
  • 0.9 kilometers from Manahan Stadium
  • 1.2 kilometers from Taman Balekambang (a park of trees, reptiles, cultural spectacle, and fishing pool)
  • 1.8 kilometers from Solo Grand Mall
  • 1.9 kilometers from Sriwedari Park
  • 1.9 kilometers from Radya Pustaka Museum
  • 7.4 kilometers from Adisumarmo International Airport
This pool was nastily green like a swamp on Day 1 we arrived, but they fixed it on Day 2

Other reason we chose Dinasty Smart Hotel is the swimming pool. So, Ara our daughter was very enthusiastic because she could "swim around" every afternoon.

Free breakfast, but not so tasty and no optional menu

In the corner across the pool is Soga Restaurant. This is a resto with Indonesian and Chinese cuisines, where you can take a breakfast for free. Ask the coupon for two guests at the lobby.

Here, we can choose between a glass of coffee or tea, but not the main dish. The main dish was fixed and well, we must say, it was so-so. However, we didn't mind since it's free and practical for a treveler.

In the terrace of Soga Restaurant, with a pool view

Want to work out a bit?

In second floor, there is a small fitness center. Some machine you can use, such as a versatile butterfly machine, treadmill, dumbbells, and a board (to do a sit up or whatever). It's all in good condition.

I always work so hard to keep my body in good condition... once a year I

Sadly, We also Had Disappointments on Dinasty Smart Hotel

Not just the lobby, our Superior Room is small as well. we thought that 10 meters square in Agoda's specification was just a typo. Well, it's not! So, just imagine a 10 meters square room with a bathroom, a double bed, a little dresser, a wardrobe, and a long desk.

Table and television

There was no tea/coffee maker. So, each time we needed boiling water to make a milk, tea, or instant noodle, we called the restaurant. It took half an hour for them to bring a tiny kettle to our room.

There wasn't instant tea and coffee in sachet, either! The complimentary here were just two Cleo mineral water in 550 ml bottle, which were exhausted in only six hours by three of us.

No hot water to drink, no icy water either. Do not wish to keep foods or beverages overnight, because there is no refrigerator here. Just bring biscuits, breads, or other practical stocks.

The room was noisy, specially morning to afternoon. Dinasty Smart Hotel is near SMP (Junior High School) Al Azhar Syifa Budi and SMPN 23 Surakarta. We don't know about other 26 rooms in this hotel, but from our room in the second floor, we could see through our window the students running, playing, and yelling.

Honestly, we felt discomfort with this mirror

And my last significant disappointment is the wide mirror behind our bed. Seriously, it's worrisome. How do we, the guests, know that there isn't any peeping room or camera behind it?

When we observed from the outside, we saw few spans for such "strategic room" in the wall. Well, we hope we were wrong. But we really wish, they put down that unimportant mirror. Unless they want to take a risk to make their guests sleep in paranoid.

With all the discomforts, worries, some conveniences we mentioned, and affordable room rate, we give 7 of 10 stars for Dinasty Smart Hotel. It can be your alternative to spend days in Solo City, though the hotel has a plenty space for improvement.

Dinasty Smart Hotel Solo

  • 3-starred accommodation
  • Address: Jalan MT Haryono 80, Manahan, Kecamatan Banjarsari, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57139 (Google Maps)
  • Telephone: +62 271 718000
  • Facsimile:+62 271 713999
  • Email: info@dinastyhotelsolo.com
  • Website: www.dinastyhotelsolo.com