Truck Life in Pakistan

Daftar Isi
Truck life in Pakistan

Yayah's friend, Aulia Rahman, took these photos in Muridke, about 40 kilometers off from Lahore, Pakistan. It's so interesting to look out how is life around here.

Aulia was there for a business trip, delivered a training on technology for development using ICT to enhance mapping and data management for Rice Partner Limited team, who assisted some local Basmati rice farmers in applying good agricultural practice.

Suddenly, his eyes bumped to this truck and its creative dwellers. So pretty.

Aulia and the truck

They decorated the truck not only outside, but also inside the driving seat. He never thought that the interior could be this spacious.

There was, of course, a seat for the driver and a space for the co-driver. Not to mention relaxing lounge behind the seat, for them to sleep and keep things.

Life is beautiful from this truck

Look, a crew was taking lunch after hours of driving. It's chapati and dal, a bit of raw sliced veggies, and a mobile phone in pink. Life is very colorful, so why not pink?

- Text & Photos: Aulia Rahman