The Tasty Jejen Rice

Daftar Isi

Jejen Rice is one of Madura's servings that originates Pamekasan. This food is quite popular there. The one who has tasted it become addicted, and who hasn't must be in curious. Whereas, from the way it served, Jejen Rice is pretty similar with Javanese mix rice. What makes it different, then?

Inside Jejen Rice, we see serundeng (relish of grated coconut and spices), egg opor (broth of coconut cream), jerked meat with crispy texture, golden osik-osik meat, and sowing fried red onion. Egg for Jejen Rice is brown one, simply because Madura's petis (common flavor in Indonesia made by fermented fish or shrimp) is brown, not black as usual petis.

Salty petis blended with other ingredients are typically Pamekasan's culinary (this regency has been a petis producer centre). Meanwhile, it's spicy as well. Due to the sauce which mixes of condiment, chili peppers, and petis.

Jejen Rice's plate is always banana's leaf since first time it created. So it's different since the leaf itself brings the exceptional aroma. Making the food even more arousing.

Why we call it Jejen?

This name was coming from the word "jajan" (eat snack). Yes, Jejen Rice used to be served for people who love to eat snacks. But in the subsequent development, this culinary has been served for the wedding or circumcision's gratitude.

- Text and Photo: Riano Dwi Permana