Sate Blora, The Tastiest Satay We Ever Ate

Daftar Isi
Blora satay: delicious meat, delicious rice

Blora is a small town in Central Java, which stays quiet even on Sunday. Few years ago, we The Homerie visited Blora and felt hopeless. We thought we would not find something interesting here. If Pramoedya Ananta Toer was not born here and did not write any book about Blora, could we possibly hear about the town?

Luckily, on second day, we visited Terawang Cave, which has some "not bad" sight inside and around. After exploring the cave, we were hungry. Yayah wanted to taste a meal typical of Blora. He asked our driver for recommendation.

"You can try Blora satay or soto, Sir," the driver answered.

Yes, we forgot. We had heard about soto blora and sate blora, before. But never ate them. So, we thought it was a good idea to choose satay for lunch, and soto for dinner.

Then, the driver lead us to a warung that serves Blora satay. Unfortunately, it was lunch time and the place was so crowded. Yayah said that we would just order the satay and take it away to the hotel room.

Warung Sate Ayam (chicken satay), with no chicken that day

And still, we had to wait about 30 minutes before the meal was ready. It's normal, actually. Because, you know, the merchant needs to grill meats for a while. Not to mention that long queue.

Yayah loves satay very much. But he prefers chicken satay. Unfortunately, the merchant did not prepare chicken satay that day. We did not know why. So, he ordered beef satay, rather than goat satay.

We were starving. We couldn't hardly wait to eat this. So once we reached the hotel, we paid the travel driver and gave him a portion of sate blora as a bonus. Then, we ate the Blora satay in no time.

Generally, Blora satay looks like others satays. What makes it different is the wrapping. Normally, satay is just wrapped by banana leaf and rice paper. But Blora satay is wrapped by sheets of daun jati (teak leaves).

There are plenty of teak forest in Blora, for your information. As we observed, they use the leaves for many other meals too, not just satay.

However, the main thing that differentiate Blora satay from others is, of course the taste. Our first impression: the seasoning is deliciously strong, and the meats are tender. If you love ordinary satays, you will love the Blora satay more.

Maybe, it is because of the process. Before it is baked, the meat is soaked in seasoning of union, garlic, and coriander. Another thing, Blora satay is completed with opor dressing. The texture of the peanut sauce is so pure and thick too, like a sauce of gado-gado (mixed vegetables).

Months after our journey in Blora, suddenly we want to taste blora satay again. Actually, there is a restaurant that serves Blora satay at Jalan Raya Jemur Sari, Surabaya. But we were not sure, is it as great as "the original" Blora satay, which is the tastiest satay we ever had so far? Or, just as expensive as it?