To Hunt Souvenirs of Surabaya in Sentra UKM MERR

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To Hunt Souvenirs of Surabaya in Sentra UKM MERR

Since the Sentra UKM MERR (the Small and Medium Enterprises Center in Middle East Ring Road) was inaugurated by the Mayor of Surabaya on December 16th, 2014, we have a one stop location to search fine souvenirs. It pretty much saves our time, definitely.

Besides, Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya location is strategical. It’s located not far from Kenjeran Beach and Suramadu Bridge. It’s also less than 16 kilometers from Juanda International Airport.

Like its name, Sentra UKM MERR offers the products of SMEs from Surabaya and surrounding areas. From handicrafts such as batik clothes, bags, shoes, to foods and beverages. Everything is arranged floor by floor.

1st Floor of Sentra UKM MERR: Crafts + CS

Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya: Crafts of clay

You can find various crafts products, here. For examples, rattans shaped as a hood of foods, plates, slippers, baskets, lampshades, et cetera. There are also crafts from sea, like shells that are formed into tissue containers, brooches, ashtrays, necklaces, rings, and so on. Or cute crafts made of dry leaves and seeds.

Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya: Crafts from the sea

2nd Floor of Sentra UKM MERR: Fashion

Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya: Fashion goods

Want to shop some fashion items? Climb up to second story! There are leather jackets, shoes, wallets, batik wallets, bags, Muslim dresses, necklaces, bracelets of beads, etc. What Yayah likes the most was animals miniature made of glasses.

Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya: Glass pyrex crafts

3rd Floor of Sentra UKM MERR: Food & Beverage

Come and enjoy typical foods and beverages of Surabaya. Such as sinom (a beverage made of young tamarind leaves), herbs, rempeyek (thin chip made of flour) with fried crickets, shrimp, and peanuts.

There are also various chili sauces, mackerel crackers, rengginang (crisp cracker made of glutinous rice) of lorjuk (bamboo clams), shredded meats, et cetera. Not to mention cakes such as kue lapis Surabaya, puddings, brownies, ice creams, yogurts, and many more.

4th Floor of Sentra UKM MERR: Meeting Room

This space is able to accommodate at least 30 persons for meeting with people of SMEs, guests who have interest in SMEs, or between the staffs. It is for seminar and workshop, too.

Yes, Sentra UKM MERR is fairly large. The parking lot alone can accommodate several cars, even (tour) buses.

However, there are more than 170 SME businessmen display their products in Sentra UKM MERR. That means, you have hundreds of choices. How about the prices? Well, it’s not as cheap as if you buy the souvenirs directly from the SME. But, visiting Sentra UKM MERR obviously is much more practical for tourists.

Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya

Sentra UKM MERR Surabaya: Miniatures and dolls

  • Address: Jalan Dr. Ir. Haji Soekarno 11, Surabaya, East Java Province
  • Telephone: +62 31 5926375
  • Open Hours: Monday-Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00

Photos by Brahmanto