Should Have Had Fun at Insulindepark or Taman Lalu Lintas

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Should Have Had Fun at Insulindepark (Taman Lalu Lintas)

If you pass Aceh Street, Sumatera Street, or Sumbawa Street, you will see a unique park from the outside. It is livened up by the mini-train, mini-cars, bicycles, the traffic signs, carrousel, and the children playing. Sometimes, you notice also the policemen or policewomen teach children about the traffic signs there. The park called Insulindepark a.k.a. Lalu Lintas Park.

Bunda just have been there. It is located at Belitung Street, Bandung City.

As its name, Taman Lalu Lintas (or Traffic Park, in English) was built to educate children about traffic rules. But did you know, Lalu Lintas Park actually was a swamp a long, long time ago. Then, it became a place for military training from 1915 to 1919. And in 1920, it turned into a Tropical Park.

It was named Insulindepark five years later.

On March 1st, 1958, the name was changed once again to Lalu Lintas Park, which means Traffic Park. After the incident of September 30th, 1965, we added the name of Ade Irma Suryani to commemorate the daughter of A. H. Nasution, one of the generals who were a target of the assassination in Indonesia’s Revolution Era.

You won’t trace that history only by looking the park’s appearance. It’s a fun park now! There are swimming pool, playground, mini-library for children, outbond place, et cetera. Refreshing air come up from the big, old trees.

Sure you can go picnic here with your family or friends. The ticket costs only 5,000 IDR for Sunday and 4,000 IDR for other days. Do you want to take a mini-train? As Obama says, “Yes we can!” But you have to pay 3,500 IDR more.

It was Sunday when Bunda visited it. Lalu Lintas Park was crowded. Children enjoyed playing and the parents followed after.

Bunda came with her friend. She had told her that she wanted to walk around this park. She did it. But somehow, she was not happy. She just felt losing something and wanted to take it back.

Standing there, at Lalu Lintas Park, Bunda just could remind the childhood memory. Maybe she have to be a child again so she could enjoy being here.

  • photo by Indrie Vijayanti