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Sweet Solo Serabi

Serabi Notosuman from Solo. Photo by Brahmanto.

Few months ago, we went to Solo for vacation. A native friend there, Attyk Solitri, gave us srabi Notosuman, a variant of serabi solo. Thanks to her. We really love that snack. It is more delicious than bandung serabi or surabi that we used to eat when Bunda lived in West Java.
Serabi is like a pancake. But it is made from rice flour. In Bandung and Surabaya, serabi or srabi is consumed with sweet sauce from coconut milk and brown sugar. Or just sauce from melted brown sugar called kinca. In Jakarta, there is also another kind of serabi called ape cookie. It looks like serabi, but it has wide, thin and crunchy brown side, while the color on the middle is deliciously green.

Solo serabi looks like bandung serabi. Only, it has crunchy side (but not as wide as ape cookie). The taste is so different. We would say, solo serabi is yummier and sweeter. Maybe because it contains more sugar and coconut milk.

The famous solo serabi can be found in Notosuman area. One of serabi famous sellers was Hoo Gek Hok, who began his business in 1923. The solo serabi's texture is soft. But unlike any other serabi, solo surabi is served without liquid sweet sauce, which actually Bunda like so much because of typical sweetness.

Here in Surakarta, people cook serabi using traditional cooking wares, which are some tiny pan (and its lid) made from clay. They put them on the fire from charcoals, and that serabi will be ready to serve in three minutes.

Serabi Notosuman has two tastes, by the way: chocolate and original (without any topping). Because it does not use any preservative, the serabi can last only 24 hours in a room temperature. If you want to make it last for three days, put it in refrigerator.

As far as Bunda know, solo serabi is not only sold in Solo or Central Java. You can buy the variants in several cities in Indonesia. However, you can also cook it by yourself. We have stolen the recipe for you :)

Ingredients and How to Make Serabi Solo

Srabi solo is ready!
  • 500 gram flour (mixed from rice flour and flour with ratio 1:1)
  • 250 gram sugar, make it become liquid
  • 1 coconut, scrap and make it very thick of coconut water
  • 600 cc water
  • Baking soda
  • Cooking oil
  • For topping: pandanus leaf (chop in tiny measure), cheese, chocolate sprinkles, or whatever you like.
Now, how to make Serabi Solo?
  1. Pour water into rice flour, little by little, while you mix it well until it becomes thick liquid dough.
  2. Put the liquid sugar on it and add a small amount of baking soda.
  3. Let the dough for 45 minutes.
  4. Boil the coconut milk with a little salt.
  5. Prepare the pan on the stove. Spread a little cooking oil by a brush.
  6. After 45 minutes, pour a big spoon of dough (flour and sugar) and flat it. Press the middle part to make the crunchy brown side.
  7. After it is half-cooked, pour a big spoon of coconut milk then close the pan.
  8. Cook with pandan leaf on a small fire. If you do not use charcoal (who does use it these days, anyway), make the fire temperature and pressure as charcoal fire.
  9. Done. Put chocolate sprinkles, sausage, cheese, or mayonaise on that serabi, if you like.
Remember, do not let the pan wet because it would make it sticky. The pan can be cleaned only with oil, while lid can be washed with water.

If you find that making your own solonese serabi is not practical enough and need times, we suggest you to buy them. It's not expensive, by the way. It's just 3,000-5,000 IDR each.

- First photo is from Homerie's documentation
- Second photo is from here

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  1. kalau mau pesan kue serabi solo nya apa bisa diantar? Saya di kemayoran Jakarta Pusat. Dan apakah ada minimal order?

    terima kasih.
    Ibu Tuti