Kalyana Resort, A Sanctuary to Remember

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Kalyana Resort, A Sanctuary to Remember

Several months ago, in February 2018, for a family business, the Homeries went to Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. We stayed in Kalyana Resort for two nights. It's 3-starred accommodation and located at downhill of Mount Merapi. Actually, Bunda was so afraid of the eruption, since Merapi is one of active volcanoes in Java Island. Yet, we had to go there.

When first time step a foot to the resort, it was late night, around 10 p.m. All was dark. But in the morning, when we opened the curtains of our room, we were astonished by the view of Mount Merapi's gorgeous and mysterious appearance. For a moment, I forgot how jeopardy us if the mountain started to "make a move".

Our daughters love this too. Not only because of its view, but also due to the spacious yard and the swimming pool of Kalyana Resort. That is not warm swimming pool, but they plunged to it anyway, on Day Two. Nobody resists the pool, even Yayah.

Negative Sides of Kalyana Resort

Plants, trees, tidy grasses, and a fish pool does actually increase the beauty and freshness of this resort. Kids would be tempted to run around the wide yard, like our daughters. Just be careful since the contour is hilly and could be slippery during rain season. Not to mention that some corners near slopes were fenceless. It's dangerous, isn't it?

Kalyana Resort had a bit cleanliness issue. Not in the room or other common places, but it was in Pendopo Gazebo. We saw few animal feces on the floor and chairs, which we easily guessed only by looking its black and white form as gecko's. We looked up to the ceiling, and yes, there were many geckos at the time.

Other negative note from us, Kalyana Resort seemed to be far from everywhere in walking distance. We didn't see food merchant around. Minimart is 300 meters away. You don't want to walk there since the street is exhaustingly up and down.

So, maybe it's a good idea to bring external food and put it in refrigerator within your room. Unless you choose to order the kitchen or resto each time you're hungry.

One more thing! We hardly find the icon of car on online taxi applications here in Kalyana Resort. That means, almost no taxi was around. It made us wonder, how could we go elsewhere or go home? This place is 22 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta! Well, let's figure this out later.

The Facilities in Kalyana Resort

Built in 10,000 square meters, Kalyana Resort is able to accommodate 46 guests in its four main villas:
  • Villa 1: Three luxury Bedrooms and a living room for 6 pax
  • Villa 2: Two luxury Bedrooms and a living room for 4 pax (we are here)
  • Villa 3: Four luxury bedrooms and a living room for 8 pax
  • Villa 4: Fourteen deluxe bedrooms for 2 pax

Each bedroom in Kalyana Resort features spacious room with sight of Mount Merapi, infinite swimming pool, or at least the beautiful garden.

Despite of chill temperature, every room in Kalyana Resort are air-conditioned. Each room also have private bathrooms, mini refrigerator, flat TV, telephone, tea/coffee-maker, hair dryer, and daily supplies of complimentary mineral water.

Room 414 where we stayed is wide (even wider than our room in Country Heritage), clean, and has a balcony. It was facilitated by a large wardrobe, two small tables, two queen-size beds, two cozy sofas, and a big table that you can use for writing and a television.

All the electricities worked fine. Internet connection was excellent. We enjoyed the hot water for taking a bath as well. The electric teapot was also functioned to make tea, coffee, or sekoteng (a warm beverage made from ginger, cinnamon, and other spices).

For breakfast, go to the Dining Hall Kalyana Resort. The dishes were national menus such as fried rice, noodle, omelette, breads, cereal, crackers, and fruits. They claimed them all "MSG-free". For beverages, you could drink tea, coffee, juices, or simply mineral water.

Outside the room, Kalyana Resort has a fully equipped meeting room that can accommodate 60 sitting persons, a cozy library, an infinite swimming pool, a dining hall, and a peaceful Pendopo Gazebo.

The Service of Kalyana Resort

There are some tourism attractions around Merapi. On the day one, we wanted to go to Tlogo Putri and National Park of Merapi Mountain. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, no public transportation around here, not even Go-jek nor Grab Car the online taxis. Let alone, it was Sunday!

We had absolutely no idea, how do we get there. But when we consulted this to the lobby, surprisingly, the staff said, "Kalyana Resort have shuttle service to our guests. And The National Park of Merapi is within our range."

"Good," said Yayah on the line. "Can your driver wait there, for an hour or two. Because, you know, to get there is a problem for us, but to get back here is even bigger problem. Ha!"

"Yes, it's understandable, Sir," he said politely. "But, I'm afraid, he can't wait there. He must stand by here after taking you there. But don't worry. If you need the transportation to get back, you can call us, and we'll pick you up again."

It was a good news. However, we had still some consideration about this shuttle service fee. Kalyana Resort is 3-starred accommodation, I was afraid the price was too high.

So Yayah asked him directly, "How much you charge for that?"

"It's free, Sir."

"Really? Cool! So, is it doable at 1 p.m this afternoon?"

"This 1 p.m.? Wait, let me check it… ok, it's possible."

"Then I book it."

"Very well. Just hit the lobby, and your car would be ready in minutes."

What happened then was as he had told. With a white Alphard (or other car with capacity around 8 passengers), they really transported us back and forth. Because it's only 3.6 kilometers from Tlogo Putri, we didn't need times to wait. The car arrived in the location 15 minutes after we call the driver.

In general, we had great experience in Kalyana Resort. Like its tagline, it's really a sanctuary to remember for us.

Check-out process was quick as well. No need to check the room, the staff just say, "Thank you. Hope you enjoy your stay in Kalyana Resort."

She also helped us to negotiate with an online taxi driver to take us to the city, since there wasn't any car in our applications. I wasn't sure it's because the remote location of Kalyana Resort or there had been a rally by the drivers that day. But we managed to get a taxi driver, thanks to the hotel staff.

Kalyana Resort: Meeting - Family - Retreat - Wedding

  • 3-starred accommodation
  • Address: Jalan Kaliurang Km 22,38 Dusun Banteng
    Hargobinangun, Yogyakarta 55585, Indonesia
  • Telephone: +62 274 897 931/2
  • Cellular phone: +62 815 7870 7187
  • Fax: +62 274 895 558
  • E-mail: info@kalyanaresort.com
  • Website: www.kalyanaresort.com
Final recommendation, if you want to spend your holiday, staycate, hold a corporate meeting, or a wedding party in Yogyakarta, Kalyana Resort is a good choice.

- Photos by Brahmanto