Sunbathing in Gua Terawang (Srawang Cave)

Daftar Isi

Goa Terawang is like a (closed) forest

This is the main reason we traveled to Blora, Central Java, a few weeks ago. On the Internet, Wana Wisata Goa Terawang looks so beautiful and attractive. Its roof is perforated, so the air circulates well inside. The sun falls directly. That’s why, we called it terawang (transparent).

It’s located in Kedungwungu Village, Todanan District. The Terawang Cave is under Perum Perhutani (the State Forestry) management. We visited it in a weekday (Monday), when the admission is only IDR 2,000, while the car parking costs IDR 5,000.

Cheap, isn’t it? But the facilities are also mediocre. About 50 meters from the cave, there is a children’s playground, although it’s not as nearly large as in Trinil Museum. You can also find a toilet. Unfortunately, it’s quite dirty and no water.

The Beauty of Gua Terawang

Goa Terawang: Illuminati!

Terawang Cave is gorgeous, though. It’s not the most beautiful cave in Indonesia, but it’s unique. The roofs are hollow, allowing sunlight to fall hit the ground. The view is like a UFO abducting their victim. As the similar old caves, you’ll find artistic stalactites and stalagmites too.

However, the cave doesn’t seem well maintained. The ground is muddy, slippery. The weeds are everywhere. And dark! Probably not as dark as a cave that is not perforated on its roof. But I do hope, there are some lamps like we can see in other caves for tourists. Because, even when the sun is shining, not all parts of the cave reached by the light.

Terawang Cave is approximately 180 meters deep and 5-11 meters underground. We explored only half of it due to the darkness.

Strangely, we did not get a lot of stories relating to this cave, either from the Internet and our local driver. The existing story are just some people who used Terawang Cave as a place for meditation and meeting in the past. While I was interested to know what kind of animal colony or human beings that were living here.

The Terawang Cave has been sedimentary formed from the cretaceous limestone in northern mountains. We calculate it’s 10 million year old. Should have been old enough to store hundreds or even thousands of stories.

How to Reach Gua Terawang

A safe cave for family traveler

The cave is located 30 kilometers of Blora Regency. If you travel from Blora, go on to the west. Later at the junction of Ngawen Market, turn right. Because if you just follow the straight road, you head toward Purwodadi. About 10 kilometers away (passing Japah, Padaan and Ngapus), that would be Terawang Cave.

If you travel from Semarang, go to the east following the main road to Purwodadi and Wirosari. Once you reach Kunduran, Blora, turn left at the junction in front of Kunduran Clinic. Carry on until 8 kilometers away to get the Terawang Cave.

How to reach it by public transportion? Although I ended up renting a car (plus a driver), I had asked this alternative to The Blora Tourism Board on the line +62 296 53238. Mr. Officer explained it to me patiently, “Stop at the Kunduran Clinic, then continue by a minibus Blora-Todanan. Tell the driver your destination is Goa Srawang, you’ll be okay. Just remember, after the noon, the minibus gets rare there.”

Still worried about getting lost? Turn on your GPS on the cellphone and enter the coordinate -6.961801,111.195025. That is where Terawangan Cave is. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, the locals are ready to show you the way.

Actually, besides Terawang Cave, you can find also in the area the spring and some smaller caves: Kidang, Suru, Manuk, and several others. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit them one by one.

  • Photos by Brahmanto Anindito