Hurry at Indonesian Postal Museum

Daftar Isi

Maluku mailbox

Gedung Sate is an icon of Bandung, we all know that. This building is the central government of West Java. If you go to Bandung without visiting Gedung Sate, it is same as go to Paris without visiting Eiffel Tower. Step to the right wing of this building, you will find Bandung central post office and the Indonesia Postal Museum.

Brief History of Indonesia Postal Museum

The Indonesian Postal Museum was founded in 1931 (some source say it’s 1933) with a name Post, Telephone, and Telegraph (PTT) Museum. It is located at Cilaki Street no. 73, Bandung 40155.

The building was built on July 27, 1920 and designed by the architects Ir. J. Berger and Leutdsgebouwdienst, inspired by Italian Renaissance architectural style.

This museum was previously neglected when the World War II erupted and during the Indonesian’s independent revolution. In 1980, the Director of Perum Pos dan Giro founded a committee to restart the function of this museum.

Finally, on 1st September 27th, 1983, in 38th Bakti Postel Day, Indonesian Postal Museum was opened again by the Ministry of Tourism and Telecommunication, Achmad Tahir, and was named Pos dan Giro Museum.

However, since June 20th, 1995, as the name and status of the company was changed from Perum Pos dan Giro into PT Pos Indonesia, the name of Pos dan Giro Museum is changed too into Indonesian Postal Museum.

Indonesia Postal Museum is Scary?

Bunda visited this museum after she had explored Geology Museum. When she arrived there, she met the half-body statue of Mas Suharto. He is the founder of this museum. Then, Bunda just entered a little hall, wrote her name on the guest book, took some brochures.

A museum’s officer asked, “Do you plan to go there alone?”

“Yes, why not?” Bunda answered.

“I’m afraid you will be afraid. Do you need a company?”

Well, Bunda used to go everywhere alone, so she told him that she was fine.

Bunda then stepped down stairs. For your information, the museum is located underground, like some part in Museum 10 November Surabaya. She had to admit that it was scary. To her, this place is too narrow.

Exploring Indonesia Postal Museum

Mailbox 1911-1915: Exploring Indonesia Postal Museum

There were some old box letter from 1911 and 1915, souvenir from Japan, also the stamp selling machine. It might be from Dutch Era, for 12.5 cent stamp. Then, there were a Maluku cart letter, an address printer, and postman bicycles.

Many stamps collected there. Not only stamp from Indonesia, but also 178 countries. Wow! I am not a philatelist, but I was really curious to see each of those stamps.

Want to see the photograph copy of the first stamp of the world known as the Black Penny published in England on May 6th 1840 with the picture of Queen Victoria? Or the original first stamp used in Indonesia published by Netherlands East Indies government with the picture of King William III for 10 cent, or other stamps? This is the place.

Bunda felt like around the world or back to the past.

However, she could not linger there. She was really afraid. Some mannequins in rural scene, telling how postman delivers mail to people. It looked so real. There are so many ancient stuffs in the small and underground room. So strange.

Hurry! Hurry! Bunda walked upstairs to place where many people were around.

But it could be just Bunda’s feeling. You don’t need to be afraid like her when visiting the museum. Just take your friends (better if they are philatelists).

Indonesian Postal Museum will be glad to see you every day from 09.00 to 16.00, except in national holiday. Again, it is free. But if you want to come in group, call first to +62 22 4206195.

  • Photos by Indrie Vijayanti