Bandung Has Lansia Park Too

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Bandung Has Lansia Park Too

Originally, Bandung Lansia Park (Taman Lansia) was not our intended destination. While staying at Sanira Hotel, our initial plan was to visit either the Geology Museum or the Postal Museum, both located approximately two kilometers away.

After a brief nap, we set out for an afternoon stroll towards the museums, only to be met with a surprise: both museums were closed. It was 15:30, and we discovered that they only remained open until 15.00. Unfortunately, Bunda was unaware of the closing time, as her last visit to the museums occurred 13 years ago in the morning.

Left with no alternative, we decided to explore Lansia Park before indulging in some of Bandung's renowned street foods on Cisangkuy Street. It was during this visit that Bunda noticed several changes in Lansia Park, formerly known as Cisangkuy Park.

The Naming of Lansia Park

The Naming of Lansia Park

The term "lansia" stands for lanjut usia (senior citizens). This park holds a significant historical standing in Bandung, dating back to 1885. Quite ancient, isn't it? Could this be the reason behind its name, Lansia?

Upon hearing the name, Bunda initially assumed that the park was exclusively designed for seniors. Along Diponegoro and Supratman Streets, towering old trees line the bustling thoroughfares from morning until night, combating the pollution and providing essential oxygen.

The park attracts numerous elderly residents of Bandung seeking a tranquil space to relax, spend quality time with family, and engage in mild exercises such as walking, jogging, or cycling.

Notably, Lansia Park features paths with stone surfaces designed for reflexology therapy on the soles of the feet, promoting improved blood circulation.

Undoubtedly, these amenities cater to the well-being of the elderly, justifying the park's designation as Lansia Park. This nomenclature is consistent with similar parks found across Indonesia, including Jakarta and Surabaya’s Lansia Park.

However, it's essential to clarify that Bandung Lansia Park is not exclusive to the elderly. It warmly welcomes young adults, teenagers, and children, all of whom can enjoy the park's amenities in Bandung.

Changes in Lansia Park Facilities

Changes in Lansia Park Facilities

Under the tenure of Ridwan Kamil, the mayor of Bandung from 2013 to 2018, Bandung Lansia Park underwent a transformation along with other parks in the city to adopt a thematic approach.

Back in 2010, Lansia Park presented an eerie, aged, and quiet atmosphere. Its uninviting view comprised only trees, plants, a few benches, a jogging track, and some street food vendors. Bunda's visit lasted no more than 20 minutes, as the park failed to capture much interest.

Fast forward to 2023, approximately 8-10 years after renovation efforts, Lansia Park has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Now, it boasts an iconic T-rex statue. Originally located in Taman Alun-alun Ujungberung, the replica statue, standing at 2.5 meters in height, weighing 1.2 tons, and measuring 6 meters in length, was relocated by the Park and Cemetery Services of Bandung in 2016.

Ara and Kira were thrilled to be there. Despite initial fear, particularly when they saw the T-rex's open mouth, they soon enjoyed spending time in front of the dinosaur and posing on old bicycles for photos.

While relishing the atmosphere within the park, Bunda noticed the presence of additional facilities—specifically, two artificial lakes. These lakes play a crucial role in water retention during heavy rainfall, helping to prevent flooding in the city.

The lakes add an aesthetic touch, offering great opportunities for photos or videos when not dry. Of course, the hope is to avoid flooding, but the appearance of a well-maintained park is diminished if the lakes are allowed to dry up.

Additionally, just outside Lansia Park, there is a horse rental service catered specifically for children. For those who wish to explore the park with a larger group, carriage rentals are also available. It operates in the vicinity of Lansia Park and Pustaka Bunga Park.

Elements That Persist in Lansia Park

Elements That Persist in Lansia Park

At Lansia Park, you can catch a glimpse of the Cikapayang River, characterized by its clean water slightly tinged with murkiness, adorned by leaves floating on its surface. These two elements are interconnected, playing a pivotal role in enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the environment in Bandung City.

Despite some improvements, certain issues persist in Lansia Park. The presence of litter, unpleasant odors (presumed to emanate from the toilets), and damaged grass from numerous visitors stepping on it indicate that the park isn't being maintained as well as it could be.

While acknowledging the efforts of the park rangers responsible for maintenance and cleanliness, it's essential for visitors to contribute to keeping the park clean and beautiful.

To enhance the aesthetics of Bandung Lansia Park, it is suggested that a variety of flowers be planted. Bunda believes that the park's somewhat dated and dull appearance is due to the limited variety of flowers.

Drawing inspiration from parks like Bungkul Park in Surabaya, which thrives with vibrant flower plants, the addition of colorful blooms can make Lansia Park more visually appealing. Furthermore, flowers have the potential to attract attention from bees.

To truly elevate Lansia Park, ongoing improvements are needed, encouraging people to visit regularly and derive greater benefits from this urban oasis.

Lansia Park (Taman Lansia) Bandung

Lansia Park (Taman Lansia) Bandung

  • Inaugurated: December 31, 2014, by Ridwan Kamil (Mayor of Bandung)
  • Address: Cisangkuy Street, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, West Java 40115, Indonesia (Google Maps)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours
  • Entrance Ticket Price: Free