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Bandung Has Lansia Park Too

Bandung Has Lansia Park Too

Visiting Geology Museum and Indonesian Postal Museum was exhausting. So Bunda took a rest for a while. From the right yard of Gedung Sate, she crossed Cilaki Street and entered the Lansia Park. It was still in Bandung.

Visiting Lansia Park

There were many big old trees there. They shelter Lansia Park’s ground from the heat of the sun. The trees produce refreshing air. And this park was a bit silent that day. There were only few people and some students after school. It was just perfect.

On Sunday morning, Lansia Park is always crowded. There is a market (pasar kaget) in Gasibu, in front of Gedung Sate.

There are also many people who do sport in the open field. Diponegoro Street is always very busy at that moment. It makes pollution. So, stay in Lansia Park could be a smart choice for the health sake.

Lansia Park Naming

Did you know, why this park is called Lansia Park. Well, it is because this park is often visited by lansia (lanjut usia or senior people), or it was built for the lansia from the beginning. They do walk or jog there, also relax themselves, and perhaps enjoy the rest of their life with some friends.

We don’t know how many parks named Lansia Park or Taman Lansia in Indonesia. As we know, Jakarta has such park. Surabaya, too.

However, everyone still can visit Lansia Park, including the young generation. Like Bunda, of course, and the students she met there.

Bunda just spent a few minutes there, sitting down for a while on the bench. Lansia Park is not like Molluken Park. There were no “spooky” things. Yet, her eyes were little annoyed with the rubbish. C’est toujours comme ça!

Back from Lansia Park

Suddenly, Bunda felt thirsty and hungry. Before entering the park, she saw the merchant of chicken noodle, baso tahu, baso malang, nasi timbel (rice wrapped by banana leaf, served with fried chicken, tofu and tempeh), chicken soto, or es campur.

But, she did not want it all.

Bunda was near Cisangkuy Street. And, there was a café of yoghurt: Cisangkuy Café.

She went there and ordered a strawberry yoghurt. It had been long time she did not drink that beverage. It was midday and she was thirsty. Cool strawberry yoghurt was a heaven’s gift. Mmm… super delicious!

Ok, let’s back home now.

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