Stay in High Point Serviced Apartment Surabaya for Work and Vacation

Daftar Isi
Poolside view: on 2nd floor of High Point Serviced Apartment

Yayah used to think like a farmer. He worked hard when planting and had fun after harvesting. Then suddenly, surfeit came just before the harvest moment. He needed a vacation immediately, regardless of two or three deadlines. So, we decided to do something unusual.

The plan was, Yayah worked while going somewhere recreative. But that somewhere has to provide him an excellent Internet connection, tranquility, a pool to swim in anytime, and a better bed—let's say—to improve the sleep quality :D

Lobby: on ground floor of High Point Serviced Apartment

To make a long story short, he finally booked an accommodation nearby. It's High Point Serviced Apartment Surabaya. Since Yayah would stay there with Bunda and Ara, he chose Superior King (double bed) Room. We got Room 1511 on 15th floor.

Good Things about High Point Serviced Apartment

The room is 36 square meters. It's spacious, compared with previous hotel we stayed in, Dinasty Hotel Surakarta. The wardrobe is big, the tables (working table and dressing table) are wide. As a bonus, we've got pretty good city view from our room's little balcony.

Superior King: Double bed room in High Point Serviced Apartment

The shower, water heater, tea/coffee maker, television, sink, kitchen set, and telephone worked just fine.

The Fitness Center is on first floor, fully equipped, but a bit crowded when Yayah visited it.

Gym: on 1st floor in High Point Serviced Apartment

The swimming pools are clean and in good condition. Outdoor pool, which we recommend due to the design and the view, is on second floor.

Outdoor Swimming Pool: on 2nd floor in High Point Serviced Apartment

Meanwhile, indoor pool is on third floor. Both are 1.5 meters deep, not for children. So, Yayah had to hold our three year old daughter all the time, there.

Indoor Swimming Pool: on 3rd floor in High Point Serviced Apartment

Don't worry about meal, there are cafe and restaurant inside. Besides, High Point Serviced Apartment is near food stalls, since it's located on a residential area. Just take a walk, you'll find stalls of soto, satay, rujak, fried rice, noodle, kebab, and so on.

City View from Balcony: on 15th floor in High Point Serviced Apartment

Also, the accommodation is not far from important places in Surabaya. High Point Serviced Apartment is...
  • 15 kilometers from Juanda International Airport
  • 10 kilometers from Gubeng Rail Station
  • 7 kilometers from Bungkul Park
  • 6 kilometers from Surabaya Zoo
  • 5 kilometers from Al Akbar Great Mosque
  • 4 kilometers from City of Tomorrow (Cito) Mall
  • 4 kilometers from Purabaya / Bungurasih Bus Station
There is an ATM Center (BNI and Mandiri) in front yard of the hotel.

Bad Things about High Point Serviced Apartment

Unfortunately, the service was not special. They were not so good in hospitality and speed. We experienced the slowest check in and check out there. Not to mention the policy that guests must give deposit of IDR 300,000 to 400,000 prior to check-in (and will be returned after we check-out).

Sink and kitchen set in our Superior Room

Dirts and dusks were everywhere: the room floor (on the lobby as well), tables, balcony, cups, bathroom (it smelled urine), the bed sheet was stained, the pillowcase had funny odor, et cetera.

The Air Conditioner (AC) was another problem. It's cold as expected (by people in tropical-coastal area like Surabaya), but very noisy like a factory machine. Even after mine was off, I could still hear the terrible sound of our next room's AC.

We love a large, comfy room!

And my basic necessity, which is Internet connection, was disappointedly unstable. Sometimes it was cheetah, sometimes it was snail.

Highpoint Serviced Apartment

With all these inconveniences, we're not sure High Point Serviced Apartment has really three star class as it declares. However, regarding its cheap rate and some positive points above, we, The Homeries, think it's worth to try.

High Point Serviced Apartment Surabaya

  • 3-starred accommodation
  • Address: Jalan Siwalankerto 161-165, Kelurahan Siwalankerto, Kecamatan Wonocolo, Surabaya 60236, East Java (Google Maps)
  • Telephone: +62 31 51936665 / 000