1 Night and 2 Days at Palmyra Homestay Malang

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Palmyra Hostel Malang

This was a holiday, just a few weeks before the coronavirus pandemic. Normally people would go somewhere to spend their holiday. We did not have any plan for vacation. Somehow, the rainy season has just begun. But we were invited to a wedding party of our family in Batu Regency, near Malang City. It’s also near Surabaya, so we decided to go by train after booked a room in Palmyra Homestay.

However, since there isn’t any railway station in Batu, we The Homerie stopped in Malang Railway Station (Stasiun Kota Baru Malang) and stayed in this apple city. In Palmyra Hostel, to be precisely.

We had requested an early check-in by phone, because the train arrives at 8 a.m. and we did not want to go anywhere while carrying luggages. We wondered, "Is it possible to check-in at 9 a.m.?" Thanks God, the inn’s staff granted our request without additional fee.

Unfortunately, when we stepped foot at the inn, it turned out our room had not been cleaned because the previous guest did not check-out yet, and all (similar) rooms were occupied at the moment.

So we had to wait in second floor (Semeru). There is a waiting room with chairs, tables, a television, and magazines. After doing nothing there about an hour, they said we may check-in. It was 9.30 a.m.

Why Did We Choose Palmyra Hostel?

Why Did We Choose Palmyra Hostel?

Palmyra Homestay Malang is not a high-end accommodation at all. However, we were interested with its two-levels bed. It is just a new experience for us, The Homerie.

Besides, we went with Ara and Kira’s grandfather. So, we were three adults and two kids. Any regular hotel room would not accommodate that numbers, unless with extra bed. But we don’t want it. We just wanted to stay in one room, with normal beds for each. That is first reason.

The second is, the distance. We saw in Google Maps that the distance between Malang Railway Station and Palmyra Hostel is only 1.5 kilometers. We thought, we could reach it without ordering any vehicle. But when we looked the map again in the station, the distance is 2.1 kilometers! How come? Oh, maybe 1.5 kilometers is a straight line from point A to point B, while 2.1 kilometers is the real walking route.

Yet, it’s strategic located, not only from the station, but also:

  • Bakso Bakar Pak Man is 0.4 kilometers away
  • Taman Trunojoyo is 1.9 kilometers away
  • Alun-alun Tugu Malang is 2.1 kilometers away
  • Kampung Tridi is 2.3 meters away
  • Pasar Bunga Kota Malang is 2.4 kilometers away

Third reason, what can we say, is the price. If this hostel located at a large street, not in a 3 meters-wide street, the room rates must be high. Just look at the exterior. White and clean walls, a quiet wide parking lot, a gazebo, some palm trees (as its name: PALMyra) stand on the yard.

But no! Palmyra Homestay is one of the cheap inns in Malang City. Matter of fact, it is one of the favorite hostels for the backpackers who want to travel around Malang, Batu, Bromo, and Dieng.

The room rates range from IDR 80,000 to 400,000 a night. Is it cheap? Sure. But in the cheapest rooms (Dieng Room), we have to share the bathroom, even bedroom, with other. Guests’ privacy are separated only by curtains.

If you, Moms and Dads, don’t feel comfortable with many persons in such dorm or barrack accommodation system, you can book Bromo rooms or Semeru rooms, the ones whose price start from IDR 200,000. They are like conventional inns with private bed (either double or single), inner bathroom with hot shower, fan, exhaust, table, chair, and cupboard.

We booked a private room number B7 in first floor (Bromo). It has two two-levels beds. In other words, it has four single beds. Bunda (and Kira) and our father slept in lower-level beds, while Yayah and Ara slept in upper-level beds.

And the last but not least reason is, Palmyra gets good reviews. We checked in various independent travel websites and concluded that it’s worth to try.

Amenities of Palmyra Hostel

Amenities of Palmyra Hostel

The room has quite spot to put our stuffs and praying. There are two bathrooms. One for taking a bath, one as toilet. The room comes with exhaust, hot water showers, a basin, soaps, towels, 24 hours wi-fi, table with four glasses of mineral water, chair, and mini-cupboard. Actually, the cupboard is not enough to put our clothes. We really had no idea where to put our jackets or trousers.

Air conditioner? Nope, since Malang is already chill. Refrigerator? No. Television? No, but that is not a big problem since we never really watched in hotels.

The first day, we went to Batu to the wedding party. And the second day, we spent not more than six hours in the hotel. We brought our children to explore the hostel to make this video for you:

The third floor has a cozy, Instagrammable spot, which is outdoor cafe on the rooftop. Spending morning here seems so good. At far east side, there is beautiful sight of Mount Bromo or Semeru.

Free breakfast should be served here. But, the staff said, she will delivered directly to our room at 7-9 a.m. That day, we got four plates of fried rice and four cups of hot sweet tea. Apparently, it’s based on how many beds in guest’s room.

Is Palmyra Homestay Good for Family Travelers?

Is Palmyra Homestay Good for Family Travelers?

Absolutely! This inn is suitable for family, especially if you want to travel in larger group.

Ara and Kira love this inn, because of the two-levels bamboo beds. It has stages. So they found a new thing to play. They climbed or hanged on the bed, as in an outbond activities.

Palmyra Malang team also provides tour services. The destinations were like its floor names: Malang city, Mount Bromo, and Dieng. To Bromo, the price is IDR 300.000 rupiah per person (2020 tariff). Or, if you go in group, it’ll be IDR 2.000.000 a car. Documentation and jeep (to climb the mountain) are included.

But we don’t know how they run the inn and the tour during corona pandemic like this. Maybe you should ask them directly:

Palmyra Hostel & Homestay Malang

  • 1-star accommodation
  • Adresse: Jalan Jaksa Agung Suprapto III no. 1, Rampal Celaket Subdistrict, Klojen District, Malang City, East Java Province 65111 (Google Maps)
  • Phone: +62 895 2900 3534
  • Email: palmyrabackpacker@gmail.com