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Get Inspired by A Sport Center

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We felt boring with the routines. We needed to go outside and having fun. Coincidentally, it was our first daughter's, Ara, third birthday. So we went to this place, Atlas Sport Club in Surabaya.…

Truck Life in Pakistan

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Yayah's friend, Aulia Rahman, took these photos in Muridke, about 40 kilometers off from Lahore, Pakistan. It's so interesting to look out how is life around here.

Renovating A House Alone, Is It Possible?

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Yes! Why not? In fact, we know someone who did it with his own hand. His name is Lubomir.

Had a Good Sleep in Cassa Hotel Surabaya

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Sometimes, The Homeries staycated in some hotel out of the blue. This time, we chose Cassa Hotel , formerly Rumah Cassa Guest House . The hotel is …

Angkringan Mak Joss: Yogyakarta Nuance in Surabaya

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Quite often, Yayah passed the street where  Angkringan Mak Joss  is located. Angkringan is a kind of traditional food stall, which is very popular in…

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