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Refugees in Country Heritage

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We never traveled anywhere during public holidays. Because the cost would be expensive, and the crowd would run over. However, we broke that golden rule few days ago. We were forced to take a v…

Stay in High Point Serviced Apartment Surabaya for Work and Vacation

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Yayah used to think like a farmer. He worked hard when planting and had fun after harvesting. Then suddenly, surfeit came just before the harvest m…

Lunch Break in Warung Apung Rahmawati

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Do you fancy to taste some good Javanese cuisines? How about Warung Apung Rahmawati ? The Homerie went to this cozy restaurant, initially, because it…

Sweet Solo Serabi

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Few months ago, we went to Solo for vacation. A native friend there, Attyk Solitri , gave us srabi Notosuman, a variant of serabi solo . Thanks to her. We really love that snack. It is more delicio…

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